Onno Ponfoort
Practice Leader 3D Printing

As of 2001 Mr. Ponfoort is a consultant at Berenschot with a focus on 3D printing (additive manufacturing). 

For over 15 years he has been looking at the business side of this technology. He facilitates the set-up of new ventures for 3D Printing services and development centres, consults multinational organisations, SME’s and public development authorities with their investments in 3D printing, and leads international consortia to further the use of 3D printing in industry.

As examples: Mr. Ponfoort was initiator and project manager for the plan to develop RAMLab, the 3D printing experimentation lab and service bureau for metal AM parts in the Rotterdam Harbour. He also produced a roadmap for the development of a 3D Printing infrastructure in the southern part of The Netherlands. He was involved in the EU FP& project ‘Direct Spare’, focussing on using 3D printing for spare parts.

In 2014 he published “Successful Business Models for 3D Printing”, the first comprehensive guide to creating business with 3D printing.

Onno Ponfoort received his master’s degree in Organisational Psychology, with a specialisation in the social implications of the introduction of automation systems, at Leiden University (1986).