Lars Bognar
Research Engineer
Ford-Werke Gmbh

Lars Bognar studied mechanical engineering with a specialization in construction engineering at the University of Bochum. After completing his studies in 2013, Lars Bognar was employed by Balcke-Dürr GmbH as an engineer for quality planning. As of October 2014, Lars Bognar was employed as an engineer for production planning at the Ford plants in Cologne. There he was responsible for the planning and production of welding equipment for the body shop in the area of pre-production. Parallel to his work at the Ford plants, he completed a degree in industrial engineering with a specialization in innovation and research management, which was completed in 2015. Since 2016, Lars Bognar has also been part of the "Advanced Materials & Processes" team of the "Research & Advanced Engineering" team in Aachen, where he is responsible for the area of plastics applications for Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing. He has been working full-time since 2018 after moving to Research & Advanced Engineering.