Albert Sutiono
Head of the Technology Grant Office
NAMIC (National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster)

Albert Sutiono has over ten years of industry experience in IC semiconductors, MEMS, and 3D printing. He is currently part of the core management team at NAMIC (National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster), a programme that promotes the adoption and industrialisation of 3D printing. NAMIC is funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF) and is part of the Singapore government’s initiative to rejuvenate the manufacturing industry.

Albert is the Head of Technology Grant Office and manages over $20M worth of 3D printing projects. He has also established relationships with various government agencies, trade associations, higher-learning institutes, start-ups, SMEs, LLEs, MNC companies, and VCs. In addition to the Microelectronics Engineering degree obtained from the Singapore Nanyang Technological University (NTU), he is also a certified Circular Economy (CE) expert with a degree from University of Bradford, UK.